Jonestown Survivor to Speak at USI

Christie York

(Photo provided by Laura Johnston Kohl)

(Photo provided by Laura Johnston Kohl)

It's been almost 40 years since over 900 people died in Guyana after cult leader Jim Jones poisoned them; and Monday night, one of the survivors will speak at the University of Southern Indiana.

Jonestown survivor Laura Johnston Kohl says it's important to not forget what led to the tragedy.  "Critical thinking should never be turned off because there are people waiting alongside who could take advantage of naivety; and we can never turn off our critical learning and checking out the details.  So, it's such an important issue today as it was then."

Kohl says that almost every time she speaks at a university someone tells her about a recent experience of them getting out of a cult, so the issue is still very much alive.  

She will speak about her experience Monday night at 6:30 p.m. The event is free and open to the public and will be held in the University of Southern Indiana's Carter Hall.

EVSC Opts for Virtual Day

(Photo Taken By:  Christie York)

(Photo Taken By:  Christie York)

The Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation says they'll make-up last week's snow day virtually.

Officials released yesterday the decision was made to assign online work on Tuesday, January 17th, instead of having to wait for the next built-in snow day.  The EVSC says this allows students to complete missed work closer to the day of cancelled classes.  Students will have one week to turn in their work.

For those concerned about not having access to the internet to do their work, the EVSC is reminding the community of several local organizations that offer public WIFI access.

Those include:

For more information, visit EVSC's website here.

Vanderburgh County Election Results

State Representative, District 77

Ryan Hatfield (D)         12,444

Johnny Kincaid (R)        8,571


State Representative, District 78

Holli Sullivan (R)          15,048

Phillip S. Bennett (D)     7,738


Commissioner, District 1

Ben Shoulders (D)        35,771

Sean Selby (R)              34,247


Commissioner, District 3

Cheryl Musgrave (R)     39,250

Stephen Melcher (D)     31,004


Elected Council, At Large

Mike Goebel (D)                       36,172

Joe Kiefer (R)                          35,678

Angela Koehler Lindsey (R)    30,380



Steve Lockyear (D)                 34,442

Brian Claspell (R)                    32,405

William Albert Maxwell III        3,330



Carla J. Hayden (R)                40,258

Zachary Heronemus (D)         28,944



Debbie Stucki (R)                   43,084

Shannon Edwards (D)             27,220







Indiana Election Results


Young (R)          52%

Bayh (D)            42%

Brenton (L)         5%



District 1                               

Visclosky (D)       82%
Dunn (L)              18%

District 2

Walorski (R)        59%
Coleman (D)       37%
Cenkush (L)         4%

District 3

Banks (R)            70%
Schrader (D)       23%
Snyder (L)            7%

District 4

Rokita (R)           65%
Dale (D)              30%
Mayoras (L)         5%

District 5

Brooks (R)           61%
Demaree (D)       34%
Wittlief (L)           4%

District 6

Messer (R)           69%
Welsh (D)            27%
Turvey (L)            4%

District 7

Carson (D)           60%
Ping (R)               36%
Thompson (L)      4%

District 8

Bucshon (R)         64%
Drake (D)             32%
Horning (L)           5%

District 9

Hollingsworth (R) 54%
Yoder (D)              40%
Brooksbank (L)      5%



Holcomb (R)         51%

Gregg (D)             45%

Bell (L)                   3%


Right To Hunt Initiative

Yes                        78%                     No                  22%




USI and Evansville Regional Team Up for Marketing Challenge

Gaining experience and showcasing their ideas, students at the University of Southern Indiana are participating in a marketing challenge.  The Romain College of Business is teaming up with the Evansville Regional Airport to host the month-long contest.  USI Business Instructor Bryan Bourdeau encourages students from all majors to sign up saying a fresh perspective never hurts.  "We know from thoughtful writing and research that most really good, creative, innovative ideas come outside the industry."   

The challenge is set up in 4 parts and those interested can join as an individual or team.  The winner will be announced during Global Entrepreneurship Week where they will be awarded a cash prize and internship.  The deadline to sign up is Monday, October 17th.  More information about the contest can be found at