New Album from Thunder Dreamer

I don’t think Thunder Dreamer could have picked a better band name for themselves. I’ve been sitting at this computer for the last ten minutes, trying to describe their sound without just saying “perfect for a rainy day” or “dreamy”, because that’s truly not enough.

I’ve worked at The Spin for a little over two years and I’ve heard music from Evansville group, Thunder Dreamer, in passing when it plays within our local rotation but I’ve never taken the time to really sit down and listen to what they’ve made. Thunder Dreamer is a name that has stuck out among not just our staff, but our listeners as well. We had someone call in a while back and tell one of our DJs that he loved hearing Thunder Dreamer’s song, Give Me Kentucky, because it made him think of his late wife.  To evoke that kind of reaction out a listener speaks volumes about the quality of music Thunder Dreamer can and has been making.

We received Thunder Dreamer’s new album, Capture, through 6131 records this week and upon listening to just the first minute of the first song on the album, I dropped everything and started this blog. I feel like Capture has an overall hypnotic, melancholic sound--which may make you think that their music is slow and sleep-inducing but hear me out: this album KICKS ASS. Especially on the sixth track, Live On Without Me, there’s a powerful build up that’s just simply amazing and left me in absolute awe.

It was really hard for me to pick a favorite song off of this new album, but I’ve finally decided on You Know Me. It’s one of the more upbeat tracks on the album, with really powerful drums and emotive vocals with vague emotional lyrics, but it was the guitar work that really sold me on this song.

Thunder Dreamer are making some incredible music that deserves to be heard. Congratulations to them on their brand new album, you guys just got yourself a new, very dedicated fan.

Looking forward to hearing more!

Grace Seward

95.7 The Spin Program Director