New Local Music

As summer is winding down, you need a way to battle the blues that comes with winter. What better way to fight the sadness of losing the warm weather than with some groovy tunes?!......I am sincerely sorry I just the words groovy tunes, but I am not sorry for the great songs we have added to our local show playlist here at The Spin.

First up is Heron and Crane from Bowling Green, Kentucky. These guys (and gal), while only being a trio, pack quite a punch. "Drat" starts off with some groovy (sorry) guitar and drums, that give off a major Black Keys vibe. Then the vocals kick and you feel like you're listening to the offspring of My Morning Jacket and The White Stripes. Take a listen!


Next up: Evansville's own, Farrington Drive. These boys do not spend time messing around in their songs. It's fast, loud, and chaotic from start to finish, but done so well that it's hard not to love. Their first single "Loser" has a hook that will stay in your head for weeks, with a perfect mesh or grungy vocals and distorted guitars. Lend it your ear here:

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Check back here next Thursday for another blog update and be sure to listen to the local show every Friday from 3-5!