Another Week, Another Blog Post!

Boy oh boy. I keep making promises I can't keep. Who am I, all of me ex's? I should probably just start saying all blogs will "either come Thursday with a slight chance of Friday seeing as Mitch can't keep organized". Oh well, this won't be ongoing, I assure you. Enough apologizing, on with the local music! 

First up! Chris Corgan and Andre Snowden. This duo were the first to come in when the semester started and what amazing first guests they were to start the year off. Along with a great conversation, these two performed for us their originals, which we've added to our local music playlist, "Cross boarder" and "As Far As I Can Go". With Chris's groovy guitar playing matched with Andre's soulful voice, these two have a chemistry that would make the producers of Breaking Bad jealous. Hear for yourself!

Second: Future Thieves. I stated above that Chis and Andre were the first to come in for the semester, but Future Thieves were actually the first band I was able to interview before I jumped into position of Local Music Director back in late July. I couldn't be more happy to of had them as an introductory band to this position. Their talent and charm not only shines on stage, but off as well. Being a fan of their music before the interview, I had a feeling of anxiousness that I couldn't shake all day until we got into the studio and I got to have a very down to earth conversation about the bands formation, the influences they draw from, and all of their future projects. There aren't enough synonyms in the thesaurus for the word "incredible" to describe Elliot Collett's voice. His vocals are only complimented even more so by his bandmates Austin, Nick, and Gianni's talent on guitar, bass, and drums respectively. I could talk forever about this band, but why not let their songs speak for themselves?


Thanks for reading, be sure to tune in every Friday from 3-5 for your weekly dose of local music!

- Mitch