Shhh....Ya Hear That?

It's the sound of your eyeballs hittin this blog post and new local music entering your ear holes. This week we're straying away from the loud rock we've been adding recently and getting into a softer vibe. While these songs may not bring the noise that the others have, they're still packed with fantastic vocals and admirable instrumentation. So pull up a beanbag chair, throw on some comfy slippers, and let's get into these bands.

First up! Charms Voorman. This duo from Tell City have a sound that can't really be put into words, yet here I am trying to write about it. I'll try my best, but they haven't made this job easy. To me this sounds like if Neil Young had dreams of being a musical astronaut as opposed to being a grizzled folk singer. The sound has a very spacey feel, and the vocals have a complete life of their own. Vocalist Sam Snyder has his own way of doing things when it comes to singing, and it's perfectly complimented by fellow band mate Wes Canter's harmonies. The song added is "Memory Sickness" from their album "Very Strange Rituals", available on their bandcamp for purchasing and streaming. Check 'er out why don't ya!


Next up! Reed Four. There's few things I love hearing more in music than a strong female voice, and Andrea Reed has got a set of pipes that would make a plumber jealous. I genuinely don't know what that means myself, but from what I've heard of this group, her voice is a force to be reckoned with. Their new single "Drive" gives us a taste of what they're capable of. The song is made possible by the entire band that includes a jazzy drum beat, coupled with a bluesy guitar sound, and brought all together by a soulful organ. Their debut album "Bedford to Bellemeade" is set to come out this Saturday, the 24th. And after what I've heard so far, I couldn't be more excited for it, so be on the look out for it. Until then, enjoy their single from it, "Drive"!

That will do it for this week ya'll, thanks for reading! Check back every Thursday for another update and be sure to tune in each Friday from 3-5 for the Local Show! 

- Mitch