New Week, New Tracks!

Hey, remember when I said I'd update the local blog every Thursday? Pepperidge Farm remembers. And I do as well, but I am aware that it is indeed Friday. But do not let my tardiness take away from how good these local artists I'm about to introduce are.

First up: This Noise. I was able to sit down with some of the guys in the band back in July when they released their album "Family Portrait". The conversation was great and the release show that night completely rocked my socks off. I mean it, I've been having to wear sandals ever since because I can't find them. We've added the 5th track from the album "The Fight" to our lineup and I couldn't be more stoked to hear them on our airwaves. Purchase or stream the album here:


Next up: The Jangle Sheep. Formally known as Texas T and The Jangle Sheep, the fellas have dropped a few of the words but have only increased in the rock 'n roll. I don't care how cheesy that sounds, because these guys kill it. Their albums should come with surgeon general warnings that caution listeners that the solos you hear may melt your face clean off. The tracks added are "Left My Mind" and "If I Wasn't Running" from their recently released EP "Just Let'em Jangle". Give them a listen, you won't be sorry!

More to come next week! This is only the start of adding the music that this crazy talented area of southern Indiana and surrounding areas have to offer. Check back next Thursday (swearzies these will become Thursday only. Bare with me.) for another update!