New Music! Get In Here!

Wowzers! Five local blog posts already! Where is the time going? I guess it goes into the ether that is existence, I mean does anything really matter? Why are we even here? What is our pur-....sorry. It's been an odd week. BUT it's been a GREAT week for our local rotation, 'cause we've added some great songs. 


First up! ALAR WAVE.  This is one of those situations where ya go out fishin' hopin to catch anything and end up with a carp that will feed the whole village. I came across these guys though a flier I saw online, decided to check them out, and I am more than stoked I did. The two tracks added are "Four More Years" and "Hello Stranger". Both have a soft feel with haunting melodies (just in time for Halloween!), and are both fantastic in their own style. Give 'em a listen!


Up Next! Reid Chancellor. Reid is the former lead singer of Scandalmongers and just a total swiss army knife of a musician. The dude can do it all; whether it be singing, playing guitar, bashing the drums, and from personal experience an INCREDIBLE high-fiver. It's hard to believe that so much talent can be held in one person (it will make him cringe so hard to read this), but I, along with others, see him as a true gift to the local Evansville scene. Though Scandalmongers is his most notable credit, he has played his part in so many other great bands such as: Quin, Onestep, JUGZ, and as of recent his solo work. The song added is "Haircuts", from his solo EP released in May of 2015, available on his band camp for streaming or purchase. 

And that'll do it for this week folks! Check back next Thursday to see what The Spin has in store for you local music lovers (which is hopefully everybody). See ya!