Houndmouth at Parksfest

This past Saturday, the city of Evansville was treated to Parksfest, a free, all-day, music festival. The lineup for this year was loaded with amazing performances by a handful of artists around the local area. To top it all off, Houndmouth wrapped up the music fest by putting on one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen.

Before Saturday, I was familiar with Houndmouth, but hadn’t gotten around to branching out from their two most recognizable songs, Sedona and My Cousin Greg. So, for most of the performance, I was learning and experiencing their songs for the first time. The group started off playing a collection of tracks from their first album, From the Hills Below the City. From the very first note that lead guitarist, Matt Myers sang, I knew I was done for. Myers’ voice is so unique and emotive, when he sings it’s like he’s sharing a piece of his life with you, he’s telling you a story—and I was all ears. 

A misconception I had about Houndmouth is that Matt Myers was the only vocalist. When bassist Zak Appleby sang without Myers, I was blown away. I became confused on who was the lead vocalist. When drummer, Shane Cody, started belting it out as well, I was in awe. All three of them have such stunningly beautiful voices and all put together, they just make a wonderful  little present filled with pure heart, soul and raw musical talent—or, Houndmouth for short. 

The biggest hit of the night was the group’s song, Darlin’, off of their most recent album, Little Neon Limelight. Now knowing a big portion of Houndmouth’s songs, I can officially say that Darlin’ is my favorite track of theirs. But be warned, listening to it causes an uncontrollable sway of the head, hands, or the whole body.

Houndmouth wrapped up the show with an amazing performance of My Cousin Greg before being called up on stage again for an encore. I went home that night thankful for the city of Evansville and everyone who made Parksfest possible. Without the fest, I couldn’t have experienced such an amazing night with such incredible music. I can now say I’m a real, true fan of Houndmouth and I’m excited to see what they do in the future. You can listen to Houndmouth and many more amazing alternative artists here at 95.7 The Spin.