New Favorite Artist: Terra Lightfoot

It’s not very often that I find artists whose music I can just feel in my gut. Terra Lightfoot is one of those exceptional musicians who tugs at something deep inside you with her soulful rocker vocals. This week, I added Lightfoot’s track, No Hurry and since then have been listening to it at least five times a day.

No Hurry is just one of the many ridiculously amazing songs from her second album, Every Time My Mind Runs Wild. As much as I love the original version with all the accompaniment, there’s something to be said about her simpler, more acoustic version. Lightfoot’s gritty and raw vocals are showcased beautifully with such confidence. 

But the greatness doesn’t stop with just that track, oh no. All Alone pulls at your heartstrings with the overall jazzy feel and lyrics like:

“Darlin' say that you'll stay

Don't go away for another day

Oh just tell me the truth

Tell me you'll be true for another day”

You honestly just can’t help falling in love with her creative, artistic take on music, not to mention that big, beautiful voice.  

I am completely taken aback with the pure talent Terra Lightfoot possesses and I have successfully found one of my new favorite artists.

That’s all for this week, definitely check out Terra Lightfoot’s music, you can hear No Hurry here at 95.7 The Spin!

Catch you on the flip side,