Stillwater Giants: A Brief Overview

The summer might be wrapping up, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy beachy, feel-good music and Stillwater Giants are just the band to get you back to feeling carefree with their surfer vibes and upbeat melodies.

The Australian group has reached some serious milestones in just the last five years. The guys released their first 6 track EP back in August of 2011 and in 2012 they were the first ever band to play at the then brand new Perth Arena in Australia. Stillwater Giants had a great response with the release of their second EP, “Fly Under the Radar” and were nominated in 2013 for Single of the Year in the WAMi awards. The nominated title track is forever getting stuck in my head but I’m definitely not complaining. Front man Henry Clarke does an exceptional job of evoking powerful emotions through his vocals without being overly intense. 

This week, we added Patience from the band’s newly released album, Munich. I really dig the overall feeling that Patience gives off, not to mention that the track is just plain catchy. The official music video for the track plays around with some really cool editing effects, making it a thoroughly enjoyable watch.

I am definitely excited to see what else Stillwater Giants has in store for us in the future but as of right now, I’m completely content with what they’ve given us so far.

Catch you guys on the flip side!