New Music on the Way from Young the Giant

Young the Giant is one of those bands that has really stuck out over the past several years. Since the popularity of their first single “My Body” back in 2011, they have evolved into a much more experienced band with two (soon to be three!) full length albums under their belts.

But before Young the Giant even existed, they were a different band for several years. In 2004, The Jakes were formed and had their own success before changing to Young the Giant in 2010.

YTG has released two albums over the years, titled “Young the Giant” and “Mind Over Matter”. They are officially releasing a third album called “Home of the Strange” on August 12th. These guys have such a distinct sound that they have coined as their own, and it’s completely irresistible.

When singles like “My Body” and “Crystalized” were released, YTG showed us that they knew how to get a crowd pumped up. With “Cough Syrup”, “Apartment”, and “Mind over Matter” they proved themselves to be incredible song writers, with some of the best lyrics in the industry right now.

“Americka” and “Something to Believe In” are the two tracks that have been released off of “Home of the Strange”, and we love what we’re hearing so far. If these are big hints of how this album will sound, it is sure to be just as great as the other two.

As you can tell, we’re huge fans of Young the Giant here, and hope that you check out their latest tracks, too!

You can hear “Something to Believe In” and other songs by Young the Giant  every day on 95.7 The Edge.