Smooth Sailing for Rogue Wave

Rogue Wave has certainly made a name for itself in the alternative music world since it’s conception back in 2002. They’ve put out five albums in a span of nine years and just recently released their sixth, Delusions of Grand Fur late last month.

Rogue Wave’s music is an extremely cinematic experience—literally. The band has had their music in countless television shows and movies like Napoleon DynamiteJust FriendsOne Tree Hill, and The Vampire Diaries.  The track that is used the most in films, among other projects, is their song, “Eyes”. Eyes has been one of my top five favorite songs for a long time, so I’m over the moon that I get to showcase it in the blog. The song has an overall light-hearted feel, but the vocals evoke so much emotion.

This week at The Edge, we added “Ocean” from Rogue Wave’s brand new album. Ocean is upbeat with heavy synth influences and an overall watery, beachy feel. I’m obsessed with not just this song but the entire album. Delusions of Grand Fur is a very strong record and I can’t wait to hear more of them over time.

Check out Rogue Wave and have an AMAZING summer, everyone!

- Grace