Kings of Leon Retake the Throne

This week, we added a ton of great music to the station. My favorite of the tracks we added has to be “Waste a Moment” by Kings of Leon. Kings of Leon released their album, WALLS, on October 14, 3 years since their last release.

Nathan and Caleb Followhill were the sons of a traveling minister, making music a very big part of their lives. The story behind their band formation and the name is pretty awesome. The brothers moved to Nashville to pursue their dream of music, and were signed to a record deal in 2002. The label wanted them to be called the Followhill Brothers, but the brothers had another idea; they wanted to be named after their grandfather, Leon. This is what Caleb had to say about it in an interview, “We said we were going to be Kings of Leon, and they said, ‘Uh, that’s the worst band name ever. You’re sabotaging your career!’ And we were like, ‘Wait ‘til we drop the bomb about our little brother and cousin!’”

Their label wanted the brothers to work with professional musicians, but the brothers had yet another idea. They brought in their then then-15-year-old brother Jared and 17-year-old cousin Matthew. When the label asked if these two played, the brothers said they had bought Matthew a bass that day, he was learning, and that Jared had played a guitar tune over the phone that “sounded pretty good.”

  The band took off, catching on first in Britain, and later in the US. Since they were so young, stardom took it’s toll on The Kings. In 2011, Caleb walked off stage and didn’t come back. After that, they canceled the rest of their shows and said they were ready for a break, and went on a hiatus.


WALLS is the first album out since that hiatus and it is an amazing comeback album. “Waste a Moment” is my favorite song we’re playing at the station right now. The song, and the entire album, sound exactly like what the band is, 3 brothers and their cousin having fun and making killer music.