New Music of the Week

Kaleo – All the Pretty Girls

Kaleo is bringing a new wave of Icelandic rock through the states with their most recent album “A/B”. Kaleo’s rhythm and sound is sure to make an impact on alternative folk rock as we know it.


Milky Chance – Cocoon

German alt-rock duo Milky Chance are set to release a new album March 2017. “Cocoon” gives us an inside look into the album and brings us a sense of what to expect from the release.


Harrison Brome – Fill Your Brains

With an instrumental reminiscent of late-90’s Massive Attack, Harrison Brome’s “Fill Your Brains” lays out a very unique chilled sound not too many artists can achieve. His most recent EP is out now.


St. Tropez – I Don’t Wanna Fall in Love

All you need is two minutes to get pumped up when listening to our quick new addition to the station, “I Don’t Wanna Fall in Love”. St. Tropez’ style mixes blends of punk and indie rock.


Morgxn – Home

Indie Pop artist Morgxn bring renewed sounds to our station this week with his release “Home”. His love for singing originates from Nashville’s world-renowned musician “Eddie Cantor”.