Five New Songs This Week

Dolly Spartans – Hanging Out

Garage-Pop band Dolly Spartans show the sunny side of New York with their new single “Hanging Out”. The band described their type of music as “Sea Shanties”, which I feel perfectly fits their sound of beach-house vibes.


Japandroids – No Known Drink or Drug

It has been a five-year wait for Japandroid fans, but it’s finally here! Japandroid’s most recent single “No Known Drink or Drug” brings back their classic sound full of distorted guitars melodious vocals.


Charlie Cunningham – Minimum

You’ll feel minimal stress when sifting through Charlie Cunningham’s beautiful new song “Minimum”. His newest album was just released earlier this week, making “Minimum” one of the freshest and most recent songs airing on the radio today.


Paul Janeway – Healing

Groovy sounds and funky rhythms is what Paul Janeway is best known for, and “Healing” sure doesn’t disappoint. Dancing is almost irresistible as soon as this hit starts going through our airwaves.


Wilderado – Morning Light

Wilderado came out of nowhere recently with a new EP that surprised us all. The four-piece band takes name origination from Texas, but the band was formed in Los Angeles. Wilderado will be a band that we will be playing for time to come.