New Music This Week

Seven new songs this week, check ‘em out!

In traditional Grouplove fashion, “Do You Love Someone” features electronic beats, effects, and pairs them with powerful guitar riffs to create a really cool sounding tune.

Up next is Saint Motel's track "Move". I really like this song, but I really love any song with a good brass section. This song is a great example of my theory that today’s alternative music is sounding more and more like 70s era pop, and I’m totally on board with that happening. You’re probably going to get addicted to this song

Gringo Star is an indie rock group from Atlanta formed by brothers Nicholas and Peter Furgiuele, and “Rotten” is the first track on their newest album "The Sides and In Between". This song is driven by its distorted lead guitar. 

HalfNoise isn’t even really a band, its technically a “musical project”. It was created in 2012 by Zac Farro, the former drummer for Paramore. It now consists of only Farro. “Know The Feeling” is the debut single off the forthcoming album, and it’s very danceable! 

Next is I’ll Be Back For You by FOXTRAX, which is a really cool sounding song, check it out. 

Beggars” has probably the best use of bells in it I have heard in a while. It also has a really cool beat going on behind it. It’s one of those songs you just want to groove along to. 

“When the Tequila Runs Out” is my favorite of the songs we’re adding this week, partially because I love Dawes. Dawes piqued the interest of the music world with their folky/Americana sound. However, with their new album “We’re All Gonna Die”, they abandon it all for synthesizers and drum machines. Dawes, much like their friends Mumford & Sons, totally changed their sound and it’s pretty awesome.

Those are the seven new songs here at 95.7 The Spin, enjoy the rest of your week!