New Music This Week

Four awesome new songs being added this week, here they are: 

Coast Modern - Hollow Life 

I’m starting to fall in love with Coast Modern, and I’m very alright with that. “Hollow Life” uses a driving bass line and drums that will mesmerize you. The effects used in the track are even cooler. I can’t even describe it very well, just listen: 

TUNS - Mind Over Matter

TUNS is a Canadian indie rock super group that just released its self-titled, debut album in August. “Mind Over Matter hit #1 on CBC Radio 2's Radio 2 Top 20. The song sounds like one from the late 50s-early 60s which is something that is happening a lot in Alternative music lately, with bands like Catfish and the Bottlemen adapting it to a harder rock. “Mind Over Matter” sounds great and the video is awesome, check it out:

The Head and the Heart - Library Magic

The Head and the Heart is gaining popularity, which makes me happy as a fan of indie folk! The band has been making great music since 2009 and “Library Magic” is no exception. The Head and the Heart’s sound is made that much better, in my opinion, by the use of Charity Rose Thielen’s backing vocals, especially in this song. 

Twin Atlantic - No Sleep 

By far and away my favorite addition of the week. We already have a few songs from Twin Atlantic on rotation, but this one is different than any of them. Twin Atlantic is a band from Glasgow, Scotland (my ancestral home country, possibly a reason I love them so much). Twin Atlantic’s new album, GLA (the airport abbreviation for Glasgow) is an homage to the city they love. Within the first few seconds of vocals on this track, you’ll notice something sounds a bit odd, no worries, they are speaking English, just with a very thick Scottish accent. In the past, lead singer Sam McTrusty had been told that he needed to sing with less of an accent if he wanted the band to get more popular, and on this record Sam did exactly the opposite and I think that is the mark of a true rock star. This song will make you want to join a rock band, if I could guarantee that, I would. The driving guitar you hear at the beginning of the song is actually Ross McNae killing it on the bass. I love songs that use the bass guitar for lead as well as rhythm and this is a great example of that.