New Music This Week

Five new killer tunes from old and new names on the station this week:

Jimmy Eat World- “Sure and Certain”

First up is one of those old names, it’s Jimmy Eat World. “Sure and Certain” is one of the singles from the band’s comeback album Integrity Blues. This track will remind you of classic Jimmy Eat World, with prominent guitar and huge, melodic vocals. 

Fitz and The Tantrums- “Roll Up”

Up next is another band you have probably heard of before, it’s Fitz and The Tantrums with “Roll Up”. The Tantrums’ sound is described as indie pop and neo soul and there has never been a more perfect description for a band’s sound. This song uses synthesizers and drum machines to produce a track that just makes you want to dance.

Georgie- “Company of Thieves”

Georgie is a female singer/songwriter out of Nottingham, UK. Her song “Company of Thieves” reminds me of another female UK singer, Duffy. The song itself sounds old and jazzy, with a saxophone that I’m a sucker for; super catchy tune

RIVVRS- “Ready to Begin”

After hearing “Ready to Begin”, I am a pretty big fan of RIVVRS’ sound. He’s one guy, who makes uplifting music that has poetic lyrics that he couples with a raspy voice and it just works. His music has been heavily featured on television shows for this reason. It makes you want to dance…interpretively; check it out:

Third Eye Blind- “Company of Strangers”

We Are Drugs, brought to you by American rock band Third Eye Blind features the very 90s sounding single “Company of Strangers”. Third Eye Blind, who are a staple of Alternative music did not disappoint with this track that features commanding vocals and searing guitar riffs.

Obviously, we are in good “company” here at the station (Get it? Because there two songs that have “company of” in the title? I’m pretty proud of this one.) That’s it for this week, check back next week for more and as always, tune into 95.7 The Spin to hear these, and so many more great songs.